What Is A Developer Retreat?

A Community of Learning

Developer retreats have as little structure as possible, although they are organized around a topic. The goal is to explore that topic within your current abilities. Regardless of where you are, you'll certainly be able to learn and contribute something.

What Happens

  • Work when you feel like working, play when you feel like playing, and rest when you need it.

  • We decide what we're doing, and when, as needed.

  • Outdoor activities happen.

  • Meals, movie nights, and more as they arise.

  • We make it up as we go.

  • Unplanned, interesting things happen.

Pro•pin•qui•ty /prəˈpiNGkwətē/

  1. Nearness in place; proximity.

  2. Nearness of relation; kinship.

  3. Affinity of nature; similarity.

  4. Nearness in time.


  • Bruce Eckel’s living room, Crested Butte, CO (WiFi, TV Monitor, Printer/Scanner and Kitchen). We can comfortably fit 12 people.

  • As that fills, and/or for variety, we spill into coffee shops and group houses.

  • If people are staying in the hostel, that has a nice community space as well.

  • “Townie” bikes can be rented during the event to more easily get around town.


Crested Butte has numerous lodging possibilities including AirB&B.

My friend Kate has fun and funky rooms at her house just a block away from mine; email her directly.

My neighbor Dawne, who lives right behind me, also rents a room. You can email her.

There's also a very nice hostel.

Note: Although you can find lodging—even nice hotels—up on the mountain (called Mount Crested Butte, 3 miles away with a free bus running to town), it's much nicer to stay in town (just called "Crested Butte," no "Mount"), so try to do that if you can.

Group Houses

Here's where to start looking


  • More fun!
  • May or may not be cheaper, but generally a nicer experience
  • Adds an additional workspace

Least-Expensive Travel

Denver is a hub for Southwest Airlines. Schedule a morning flight, then take the light rail from the airport to Union Station and catch the 1:55 pm bus to Gunnison, which arrives at 6:30 pm. From there, Alpine express can bring you to Crested Butte, or if one of our group is going to be there they can bring you. Alternatively, check rental car prices from Denver airport (it's a gorgeous drive), and consider sharing.