The Crested Butte Developer Retreat ===================================== ### A Community of Learning #### <font color="#0066FF"><b>March 6-10, 2016</b></font> (Right after the [Winter Tech Forum](<br/> ### How it works - You bring your project and work on it. - Other people work on their projects in the same space. - Unplanned, interesting things happen. - It could be a "Hackation" - Or an [Invisible Studio in the Woods](<>) ### Pro&bull;pin&bull;qui&bull;ty /pr&#x259;&#x2c8;piNGkw&#x259;t&#x0113;/ 1. Nearness in place; proximity. 2. Nearness of relation; kinship. 3. Affinity of nature; similarity. 4. Nearness in time. ### Leadership Development Opportunities - Lightning (5-minute) presentations. - Create and lead a hackathon project. - Organize an activity. ### Scheduling - People express interest in particular retreat dates. - When we have interest from at least 3 people, the retreat is scheduled. - Once a retreat is scheduled, any number can join (see &ldquo;location&rdquo;). - A retreat can be 2 or more days (depends on availability) - Private retreats (for a single company) can also be created. ### Price - (No Charge for [WTF]( attendees) - Minimum: $75 - **Suggested (pay what you can):** - You&rsquo;re paying: $250 - Your Employer is paying: $500 - Private retreats: It depends on what you want **Company Sponsorship**: $1200 or more. Send your poster and we&rsquo;ll take a picture of us around it, and post it on social media. We&rsquo;ll also hand out your schwag at the event. ### Location - Bruce Eckel&rsquo;s living room, Crested Butte, CO (WiFi, TV Monitor, Printer/Scanner and Kitchen). We can comfortably fit 12 people. - As that fills, and/or for variety, we spill into coffee shops and group houses. - If people are staying in the hostel, that has a nice community space as well. - &ldquo;Townie&rdquo; bikes can be rented during the event to more easily get around town. - **Note:** Although you can find lodging &mdash; even nice hotels &mdash; up on the mountain (called *Mount* Crested Butte, 3 miles away with a free bus running to town), it's much nicer to stay in town (just called "Crested Butte," no "Mount"), so try to do that if you can. ### Group Houses #### Benefits - More fun! - May or may not be cheaper, but generally a nicer experience - Adds an additional workspace #### How to find one - [Here's a start](<>) ### Getting to Crested Butte #### The Cheapest Way (On Your Own) - Purchase your bus ticket here: - Fly to Denver airport on a discount airline like Southwest or Frontier, arriving with enough time to get to the bus. - At the Denver Airport, board the Skyride bus: It stops at both sides of the terminal. Your bus ticket to Gunnison will cover the fare on this bus. - At the Greyhound station, board the bus to Gunnison. The bus leaves daily at 1:45 pm. - In Salida, switch to the smaller bus that takes you over Monarch pass. - In Gunnison, get off at the Powerstop gas station. The bus comes in at 6:50 pm. You will need a ride to Crested Butte from Gunnison (Alpine Express might be a solution here). - Before buying your airline ticket, make sure the return timing for the bus works. #### The Cheapest Way (With Others) - Denver is a hub for Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines, so you can usually get an inexpensive nonstop flight. - Rent a car from Denver - Use the mailing list to find others to share your car rental #### Flying into Gunnison - This is often the fastest, and most expensive, option - Alpine Express takes you from the Gunnison airport to Crested Butte - Because of weather, the Gunnison flight can be unreliable #### Other alternatives - There are coaches that can be rented for groups, to take you to Crested Butte - Montrose airport (about an hour further away than Gunnison) can sometimes be more reliable than Gunnison. There are services to bring you from Montrose to Crested Butte, or you can rent a car. ### Getting Started - Newsgroup - A way to get your friends to come.