The Thinking in Python Developer Retreat ======================================= #### Crested Butte, Colorado <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### The Retreat We'll be exploring topics and tools around my book project <a href="">Thinking in Python</a>. This project has been languishing for many years. At the *Concurrent Python Developer Retreat*, the topic came up and Jeremy Cerise expressed interest in helping resurrect it. Jeremy Meyer wanted to come out to Crested Butte and said he was also interested in working on the book, so we organized the retreat. The book is written in (Pandoc-flavored) Markdown so you can read it directly in the Github repository. **Prerequisites**: This is an intermediate-level book. Thus, for the retreat you should be comfortable the basics of Python, but I'm not expecting intermediate or expert-level understanding. **Note**: Now that I have the equipment, we will experiment with livestreaming the technical portion of this event. <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Activities The following activities may occur as desired: - Hikes and other outdoor adventures - Meals at local restaurants - Barbeques, other evening activities - (This event will be much less intense than the last one. Perhaps we'll even try specifying some times to keep us from working too much) <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Price - Minimum: $75 - **Suggested (pay what you can):** - You&rsquo;re paying: $250 - Your Employer is paying: $500 <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Location - Bruce Eckel&rsquo;s living room, Crested Butte, CO (WiFi, TV Monitor w/ Chromecast, Printer/Scanner and Kitchen). We can comfortably fit 10 people. - For variety, we go to coffee shops and group houses. - If people are staying in the hostel, that has a nice community space as well. - &ldquo;Townie&rdquo; bikes can be rented during the event to more easily get around town. - **Note:** Although you can find lodging &mdash; even nice hotels &mdash; up on the mountain (called *Mount* Crested Butte, 3 miles away with a free bus running to town), it's much nicer to stay in town (just called "Crested Butte," no "Mount"), so try to do that if you can. <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Getting to Crested Butte Details <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Lodging Details <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Registration <a href="">Click here to generate a registration request</a>. (You might need to right click on this link and select "Open Link With..." and then choose your email service on the resulting submenu). If successful, you'll get an invitation to join the Twist group, where all discussions will take place and any of your questions can be answered. <hr style="height:10px;border-width:0;color:LightSkyBlue;background-color:LightSkyBlue"> ### Questions? Email <>